Aspen Composers' Conference


Past Conference Presentations


Cáceres, German (El Salvador),"Contemporary Music from El Salvador"

Pellerite, James (USA),"Native American Flute Meets Classical"

Walker, Robert (USA), "About Inventions"

Yeagley, David (USA), "A New Theory of Tonal Organization and Harmony"

Synhaivsky, Natalie (USA), "Literary Symbolism in Janácek's Second String Quartet"


Madlener, Jörg (Belgium), "Pierre Boulez, Vision and Pragmatism: The Exact Engagement"

Pellerite, James (USA), "Playing the Flute of Many Languages"

Walker, Robert (USA), "Fugue for Piano"

Yeagley, David (USA), "The New Tonality II"

Synhaivsky, Natalie (USA), "Guillaume de Machaut/ Le livre dou Voir Dit (1362-65)"


Clearfield, Andrea (USA), "Women of Valor"

Cody, Judith (USA), "Composing: Creative Explosions in Youth and Old Age"

Everett, Steve (USA), "The Value of Music in the Digital Age"

Iznaola, Ricardo (USA), "Tiempo Muerto: Nostalgia and the Aesthetics of Nationalism"

Pellerite, James (USA), "The Native American Flute in Contemporary ChamberMusic"

Rudy, Paul (USA), "Metaphoric Transmutations from a Paradoxical Instrument, or,

                    What is a Cactus doing in our Concert Hall?"

White, John (USA), "Composing Choral Music"

Synhaivsky, Natalie (USA), "Peter Dronke and the Medieval Lyric"


Diehl, Paula (USA), "Separation Theory Concerns Interlocking Fourths which Gradually Separate from Each Other as the Music Unfolds"

Fitts, Charles (USA), "Influence of Scientific Discovery on Musical Structures and Styles"

Ruo, Huang (China), "New Music from China (1976-present)"

Synhaivsky, Natalie (USA), "Franz Liszt, Marie d'Agoult, George Sand and the Aesthetic of Emotion"

Walker, Robert (USA), "Todd Gabriel: String Quartet #2, A Study in Momentum"

                       "Robert Walker: Concerto for Native American Flute"

Bayolo, Armando (USA), ?Towards Golgotha?

Boyadjian, Hayg (USA), ?The Role of the Composer in Different Cultures?

                              ?Composing ?Sevan? for the Native American Flute?

Diehl, Paula (USA), ?Separation Music: Varieties of Improvisation?

Golembiowski, Jaroslaw (USA), ?The Piano Music of Jaroslaw Golembiowski?

Mauldin, Michael (USA), ? ?Dreams of the Child of Light? for Native American Flute and String Orchestra?

Walcott, Penelope (Canada), ?Zen and the Art of Making Music: The Piano Music of Alexina Louie?

Synhaivsky, Natalie (USA), ?Mozart and Catullus?

Walker, Robert (USA), ?Two New Works for Piano: ?Fugue No.2?, ?Albumblatt??


Kennedy, John M (USA), ?Classical Guitar in Modern Music: Crumb?s ?Mundus canis,? Bassett?s ?Temperaments,? and Kennedy?s ?Aurora??

Pieslak, Jonathan (USA), ?Conditions of Music Composition: The Crisis of Self-Identity?

Wickman, Ethan (USA), ?Cultural Reconstruction and the Crisis of Conquest: Plotting the Parallels of Vanguardia, Democracy, and Nationalism in Spain?s Generation of ?51?

Synhaivsky, Natalie (USA), ?William Schuman?s ?Republic??

Walker, Robert (USA), ?Two Norwegian Moderns: Harald Saeverud and Fartein Valen?


Hanna, Trent (USA), ?Concerto for Piano and Orchestra?

Marlow, Eugene (USA), ?Jazz in China?

White, John (USA), ?The Canonical Hours?

Willis, Mickie (USA), ?The Flattening Historical Perspective Caused by the Advent of Sound Recording: A Unique Twentieth-Century Phenomenon?

Synhaivsky, Natalie (USA), ?Time and Meter in Latin Elegiac Poetry?


Christiansen, Larry (USA), ?Composing an Opera?

Fine, Marshall (USA), ?The Future of Sonata Form?

Lucania, John (USA), ?My Life as an Artist: ?Mass without Words #4? for Brass Quintet? (taped presentation)

Walker, Robert (USA), ?Apropos Voluntaries?

Synhaivsky, Natalie (USA), ? ?Syringa? by Elliott Carter, Part I: The Text?


Dangerfield, Joseph (USA), ?Influence: The Real Anxiety?

Decker, Brad (USA), ?Preserving the Fragment: The Late Chamber Music of Franco Donatoni?

Fuller, Karen (USA), ?The Creative Spark Behind the Composer: Fredrick Kaufman?

Gabriel, Todd (USA), ?Creating a Personal Tonal Language: An Analysis of My Piano Sonata, Dysfunctional Harmony?

Golembiowski, Jaroslaw (USA), ?Utilizing Elements of Polish Folk Music in Compositions of Jaroslaw Golembiowski and Other Polish School Composers?

Kershner, Brian (USA), ?Musical Collaboration with Walt Whitman ? About Leaves of Grass?

Malloy, Chris (USA), ?Bending Time: A Method of Composing Foreground, Middleground, and Background Durations?

Marlow, Eugene (USA), ?Jazz in China, Part II?

Rentowski, Wieslaw (USA), ?Organ and Piano Music of W. V. Rentowski?

Richardson, Dana (USA), ?Syntonality in Dana Richardson?s Andante Amoroso?

Romig, James (USA), ?Nests of Proportion, Webs of Reference: Thoughts on my Piano Sonata?

Smith, Andrew (USA), ?Vitesse for Solo Guitar?

Tamar, Eli (USA), ?Polystylism and Transformation of Style in Alfred Schnittke?s Viola Concerto?

Vollinger, William (USA), ?What to Say and How to Say It: Finding My Own Voice in Composition?

Wanna, Steve (USA), ?Tracing the Moment?

Walker, Robert (USA), ?Fartein Valen?s Fugal Alembic?


Brown, Timothy (USA), "Art Songs: Writing for the Voice"

Elerding, Carolyn (USA), "Applying Cognitive Process Theory to Music Composition"

Fong, Adam (USA), "Link Study 3"

Gabriel, Todd (USA), "The Principle of Causation: Tools of Engagement in the Music of Todd Gabriel"

Marlow, Eugene (USA), "Two Conventions: One a Microcosm of the Other"

Rentowski, Wieslaw (USA), "Music for String Instruments by W. V. Rentowski"

Smith, Andrew (USA), "The Machine"

Tamar, Eli (USA), "Musical Exploration of Rainer Maria Rilke"

White, John (USA), "The Divine Image"

10th Anniversary Recital

Diehl, Paula       'Phases'

Kershner, Brian        'Aftermath'

Richardson, Dana        'Für Hannah'

Smith, Andrew        'Vitesse'

Synhaivsky, Natalie          Preludes and Fugues of Dmitri Shostakovich



van Biemen, Marc Daniel (Netherlands),"Lachrymae by Eli Tamar"

Johnson, Donivan (USA), "Beauty Provoked: The Solo Piano Music of Helmut Lachenmann"

Leiter, Cherise (USA), "Love Letters from a War: Creating Song Texts from a Non-Literary Source"

Maurer, George (USA), "For the Sake of a Single Poem: The Poetry of R.M. Rilke Related to Jazz Composition"

McLoskey, Lansing (USA), "'Can You See the Music?' The Relationship Between Aural and Visual Art"

Perez, Edwardo (USA), "Creating Opera: Writing Words and Music"

Sigman, Alex (UK), "The Cycle of Compositional Category: Properties and Approaches"

Willis, Mickie (USA), "In the City: A Piano Cycle for Four Pianos"

Synhaivsky, Natalie (USA), "Petrarch, Music, and the New Humanism"


Tamar, Eli      "Lachrymae" 

McLoskey, Lansing       "blur" 

Johnson, Donivan      "Meditation I"; "Kinderstück nach Webern: Laughing Man"

Perez, Edwardo       "Eukaryote 2N=46"

Liszt        "Sonetto 47 del Petrarca" 

Leiter, Cherise          "Love Letters from a War" 



Edlinger, Tyler (Canada), "The Meanings, Uses, and Implications of the Word 'Baby' as a Tool in the Songwriter's and Composer's Arsenal"

Choi, Da Jeong (Taiwan), "My Musical Language and Compositional Techniques"

Goldberg, Barbara (USA), "Teaching Piano Composition from Elementary to Advanced"

Hope, Garrett (USA), "Unbounded Opus: Creative Commons and the Composer"

Jacobs, Amanda (USA), "Translating Jane Austen: Finding the Voice of Elizabeth Bennet"

Kim, Johann (South Korea), "The Bell Harmony: A New Harmonic World between Tonal and Atonal Space"

Lin, Pin Hsin (China), "Chen Yi's Unique Manipulation of Pitch Materials in Symphony No. 2"

Portelli, Daniel (Australia), "Walking with Water: The Processes and Collaborations behind a Cross-Cultural, Multi-Disciplinary Arts Project"

Reid, Clement (USA), "Approaches to Compositional Teaching"
Synhaivsky, Natalie (USA), "Anton Rubinstein: Music Educator"
Baliozov         Rhapsodic Improvisation I for solo cello (1971); Rhapsodic Improvisation II for solo cello (1979) 
Choi, Da Jeong          Cantus Curatio II 
Goldberg, Barbara       
Kim Johann      'The Peace of the Lord' from '12 Holy Bell Sounds' 
Jacobs, Amanda      'When I Fall in Love' 
Reid, Clement         Selections from 'Explorations'
Synhaivsky, Natalie         Variations in Memoriam Ivan Karabytz 
Alford-Fowler, Julia (USA), "Sofia Gubaidulina's Sieben Wörte: A Theological Interpretation" 

Clearfield, Andrea (USA), "Documentation of Indigenous Tibetan Music in the Restricted, Remote Himalayan Region of Lo Monthang, Nepal"

Goldberg, Anne (USA), "Dancing through Space and Time: the Creative Process of Movement, Music, and Multimedia"

Newton, Joshua (USA), "The Beethoven Aesthetic: How Analysis Betrays the Philosophy"

Reed, Timothy (USA), "Planes of Discourse in Fixed Media Electroacoustic Music: A Comparative Exploration of Analytical Approaches"

Saunders, Matthew (USA), "Quintuplous Meter: Notations and Applications"

Southard, Keane (USA), "The Use of Variation Form in Frederic Rzewski?s The People United Will Never Be Defeated!"

Vlasak, Brian (USA), "Artistic and Cultural Relevance: A Kandinskiian Dichotomy"

Willis, Mickie (USA), "Tools and Techniques Used in the Composition and Recording of Corpora Nebulae"

Synhaivsky, Natalie (USA), "Was Shostakovich a Formalist?"


Saunders, Matthew        'Twenty Views of the Trombone'

Synhaivsky, Natalie     'Cinq Scenes of Summer'

Rzewski          'Down by the Riverside'

Goldberg, Anne         'Speak' (2011)

Alford-Fowler, Julia        'Construction' for Viola and Piano



Armenta, Joshua (USA), "Hearing in Color, Thinking in Sound - A Different State of Mind"

Brooks, Earl Holmes (USA), "A Rhetorical Analysis of John Coltrane's A Love Supreme: A Discussion of Epistemology, Rhetoric and Literature in Relation to Composition"

Brown, Timothy (USA), "Defense de savoir: A Companion Piece for the Centennial of Schoenberg's Pierrot lunaire"

Kolm, Jonathan (USA), "Earth After: Climate Change, Peak Oil and Music Composition"

Romig, James (USA), "Allometric Preludes for Piano"   

Synhaivsky, Natalie (USA), "Marcel Proust and Emotion-Based Musical Analysis


Kolm, Jonathan      Four Hand Piano Suite

Romig, James       Allometric Preludes

Synhaivsky, Natalie      Third Piano Concerto



David, James (USA), "Dynamic Range Compression, Multi-track Recording, Spectralism and Postmodern Orchestration: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the 'Wall of Sound'"

Eames, Alexandra (USA), "What's in a Name: Constructing Melody"

Keebaugh, Ryan (USA), "Open Stillness: Uncertainty is Liberation"

Lupis, Giuseppe (USA), "The Out of Whack Clavier"

Marlow, Eugene (USA), "Morphing Hebraic Liturgical Melodies into Various Jazz, Afro-Caribbean and Brazilian Styles"

Zhang, Kevin (USA), "A Discursive Dialogue: Mediation, Lineage and Relationship in the Compositional Process"

Synhaivsky, Natalie (USA), "What the Swiss Think about Richard Wagner"


Bach        Prelude and fugue in bb minor

Schumann      Norse Song, op.68 no.1

Eames, Alexandra           Sweet Doggie Suite

Schubert          Klavierstück in Eb Major, D.946 

Synhaivsky, Natalie          Cinquante petits morceaux

Lupis, Giuseppe          Variations on  'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star'

Marlow, Eugene         Improvisation on 'Beatrice'



Castilla-Avila, Agustin (Spain), "Microtonality on the Guitar"

Pellerite, James (USA), "Native American Flute: Beyond the Five Tones"

Santoro, Filippo (USA), "'Cleave' and the Idea of Modularity in Music"

Steinberg, Russell (USA), "Music and the End of Time"

Suchy, Karel (USA), "Sound of Shape, Shape of Sound: Dimensional Music Composition"

Synhaivsky, Natalie (USA), "The State of Music on the Eve of WWI"


Heins         Selections from 'Legends'                               

Yeagley       Selections from 'Awakening'

Friendly       Prelude to Silence: In Memorium David Yeagley

Prokofiev     Allegro ma non troppo from Sonata #2 in d minor, op.14 (1913)

Snyder       Selections from 'Timescapes'

Suchy, Karel       Selections from 'Vitruvian Impressions'

Steinberg, Russell        Selections from 'Beach Pebbles'

Synhaivsky, Natalie        Prelude in F Major



Batchelor, David (USA), "Gestalt Principles in Ligeti's Piano Etude Désordre "

Clark, Yan Pang (China), "China Meets the West: The Musical Life of Ming-zhu Song"

Sleeper, Thomas (USA), "The Legacy of Henry Brant: Practical and Efficient Orchestration" 

Tolley, Shawn Patrick (USA), "Building a New Audience for New Music or Letting Kids Play with Electricity"

Synhaivsky, Natalie (USA), "A Summary of Repurposing Melodies in Popular Music"


Batchelor, David     'The Lord is My Shepherd'

Song     'Senses of Sichuan Opera'

Tolley, Shawn Patrick     'Meditation in the Rain Garden'

Synhaivsky, Natalie     Prelude and fugue in d minor



Ewen, Hunter Porterfield (USA), "Music Visualization, Subtext, and Audience Retention"

Garcia, C J (USA), "Das Neue Gesamtkunstwerk: Algorithmic Composition for Music, Poetry, Art"

Marlow, Eugene (USA), "The Musical Icons of Marc Chagall"

Sammons, Lanier (USA),  "Composing for Audience: Approaches to Writing Audience Interactive Music"

Schmich Kinney, Jasper  (USA),  "Pitch as Rhythm: Psychoacoustics and Its Formal Implications"

Synhaivsky, Natalie (USA),  "Schönberg and Kandinsky"


Ewen, Hunter Porterfield         'LEDpaint'    [audio-visual installation]

Marlow, Eugene        'Twilight for Daniel'

Schönberg        Klavierstück Op.33a

                         Sechs Kleine Klavierstücke Op.19

Schmich Kinney, Jasper           'immediate composition' for dulcimer and live electronics


Corral, Daniel      Bending Light: About 'Refractions'

Marlow, Eugene     How the Germans, Directly and Indirectly, Helped to Bring Jazz to China

Willis, Mickie     Canticles Derived from the Fragmentary Remains of the Journals of Commander     Nemo Oz

Yee, Thomas     When Music Speaks: A Communicative Model of Musical Meaning

Synhaivsky, Natalie     Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk


Bach     Italian Concerto -- Presto

Corral, Daniel     Refractions

Marlow, Eugene     Ballad for my Sweetness